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Pigeon Services

We offer pigeon fanciers a range of diagnostic services.

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Worm Egg Counts

Worm infestations can affect the health of your birds, especially in young birds.

Signs include poor performance, weight loss and diahrreoa. Worm egg counts can be done to check the level of worm infestation.

Sample pots for faeces are available from the practice.

The same sample can also be used to check coccidial oocysts. –see Coccidiosis

What is a Worm Egg Count?

A worm egg count is a microscopic examination of a faecal sample in which the various worm eggs are identified and counted. The result is an estimation of the number of eggs per gram (epg) of faeces and this leads to an estimation of the degree of infestation of the animal or group.


Coccidiosis is caused by an internal parasite that multiplies in the intestines and causes tissue damage, lower feed intake, weight loss, poor growth in the young birds. Birds are also more likely to get sick from secondary bacterial infections. If you suspect that your birds may be affected by this condition, coccidial oocyst counts can be done to check the level of coccidial infestation. The same sample can be used to check egg worms.–see Worm Egg Counts

Post Mortem Examinations

Doing a post mortem examination on birds that die can give useful information of the disease status of the whole flock and may prevent others from dying. Fresh dead birds should be submitted as post-mortem autolysis occurs rapidly particularly with chicks. Dead birds should not be frozen as this leads to tissue deterioration and renders histology useless.

Disease Diagnosis

If you suspect that your birds are not feeling well and may be affected by any disease or condition, call the practice to arrange an appointment with the veterinary surgeon.

Routine Medications

We are able to supply to our clients Routine medications such as electrolytes, multi vitamins, worming preparations and disinfectants.

Prescription Only Medicines can only be supplied to bona-fide clients of the practice or to the prescription of another Veterinary Surgeon.

Collect or deliver, you choose.

Our clients may collect medicines and other products from the practice, or we can arrange to have them delivered by carrier for the next day. Carriage charges are charged on to the client at cost, so you can choose which level of service you need.

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